Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 4--For Cory's Sake Virtual Book Tour

Weston Bentler: Day 4, Guest Post at Scribe Vibe:

Jeffrey Bentler: And today Kenn, my younger brother who takes care of me, and Robert, "the baby" of our family, will introduce themselves here on For Cory's Sake the blog.

Kenneth Bentler:
Hi, I'm Kenn, William's second youngest. I have *yawn* no emotional problems or idiosyncrasies. I am even-keeled and level-headed. The word most often used to describe me is *gasp* dependable. You couldn't write an entire book about me, but you'd probably like to have someone like me around in real life. I take care of what needs to get taken care of, which at the moment is mostly Jeffrey, lol.

Robert Bentler:
And I'm the youngest. I was named after the Robert Bentler, my great-grandfather who started it all. I spend most of the story being a kid. Just a normal kid. Who likes toys and sports and dreaming big about the future. I guess I leavened the serious adult business of saving a planet. (Credits go to Weston for giving me that last sentence)

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