Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 11--For Cory's Sake Virtual Book Tour

Jeffrey Bentler: Today's appearance is by me! It is my story, in my voice, about one way a conspiracy childhood occasionally differed from a normal one. It is posted on Book Musings by Ginny, Check it out!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 8--For Cory's Sake Virtual Book Tour

Weston Bentler: Doubleheader day. BOOK REVIEW at

Jeffrey Bentler: I thought I was important :(

Weston Bentler: I never thought I was practically important--I just "couldn't help it."

I thought what you did was very important.

Terrence Bentler:
does it really matter who's important? The author will also be at, talking about symbolism, if you're into that.

Kerry Bentler:
Thank you, Terrence!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 5--For Cory's Sake Online Book Tour

Book excerpt at :

For a 5-page excerpt with flipping pages, check out the Book Buzzr sidebar widget.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 4--For Cory's Sake Virtual Book Tour

Weston Bentler: Day 4, Guest Post at Scribe Vibe:

Jeffrey Bentler: And today Kenn, my younger brother who takes care of me, and Robert, "the baby" of our family, will introduce themselves here on For Cory's Sake the blog.

Kenneth Bentler:
Hi, I'm Kenn, William's second youngest. I have *yawn* no emotional problems or idiosyncrasies. I am even-keeled and level-headed. The word most often used to describe me is *gasp* dependable. You couldn't write an entire book about me, but you'd probably like to have someone like me around in real life. I take care of what needs to get taken care of, which at the moment is mostly Jeffrey, lol.

Robert Bentler:
And I'm the youngest. I was named after the Robert Bentler, my great-grandfather who started it all. I spend most of the story being a kid. Just a normal kid. Who likes toys and sports and dreaming big about the future. I guess I leavened the serious adult business of saving a planet. (Credits go to Weston for giving me that last sentence)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 3--For Cory's Sake Virtual Book Tour

Kenneth Bentler: Day 3: Beyond the Books interview at

Jeffrey Bentler: Today on For Cory's Sake the blog, I will be introducing middle child Terrence and oldest-of-the-youngest, number 5, ME.

I am introducing TERRENCE because he doesn't like to talk about himself. He doesn't really like to talk, period. His favorite sentences growing up were “Shut up” and “Don't be a baby.” As he shared a room with talkative and emotive me, he had lots of opportunity to say his favorite sentences, growing up. Akchally, maybe they were his favorite sentences because he shared a room with talkative and emotive me.

Terrence is a big dood. If you need to visualize how big, go internet-searching for a big American football tight end. Say 6'5” 250lbs. Preferably standing next to a 6' 180lbs. dood. That's how Terrence compares to our general population, you see?

Terrence likes cars, fishing, basketball and fighting. He likes all forms of competition, really, but he likes basketball and fighting a cut above the rest. As for the fishing, how a dood so impatient with hoomans can be so patient with fishies idonotknow.

Terrence never hands out respect for free. You have to earn it, but once you do he is fiercely loyal to whoever or whatever he believes in.

Terrence is very tough. He runs away from drama or displays of emotion (you should see him disappear, it's like magic!) but he has never run from a physical challenge or threat and I don't know that he even fears them.

Terrence is the author's favorite character.

Terrence Bentler: ?

Jeffrey Bentler:
Now for me! I'm William Bentler's 5th child. I am talkative, emotional and impulsive. The caring parts of my brain often override the thinking parts. Naturally, I've always wanted to be a lightning rod, which is a lifestyle of open caring. Neverever considered being anything else at all ever. Don't think I'd even be able to be anything else, as I'm not good at hiding how I feels about anything.

Bentlers are supposed to be tall peoples. I was unusually short for most of my childhood, but quite athletic in a slippery fast nimble kind of way. Terrence would call me Fluffrey, you know like a cat, sillily thinking this was some kind of insult. Have you seen a cat? Have you? They can like jump to the top of a narrow fence and then run along it, fast!!1!

I was probably the best shortstop in the district, but this has never been official because I never played for the school. I kind of outcasted myself becoming a rebel kind of young. Being a big man on campus requires some level of conformity analldat. And bigness, which like I said I mostly wasn't.

Tomorrow Kenneth (my rock) and Robert, "the baby," will introduce themselves.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 2--For Cory's Sake Virtual Book Tour

Jerry Bentler: Day 2, For Cory's Sake online book tour: American Chronicle interview,

Jeffrey Bentler: And today Weston will be introducing himself (Child #2) and our sister Kerry here on For Cory's Sake the blog.

Weston Bentler: I am Weston Bentler, William's second oldest. I followed my father into the lightning rod profession as soon as I became an adult. Dad and I are very close—best friends, actually—and for many years you had only to find one of us to also find the other.

Weston Bentler:
I have volunteered to also introduce my sister KERRY. She did write a blurb about herself, but left out everything interesting. Kerry has a very strong mind. She mastered physics and chemistry by the age of 20 (the physics and chemistry that is written in math, not the kind I did in high school that involved dropping eggs off of buildings). She mastered the hard sciences not, she says, because she's a genius, but because it had to be done and so she did it.

Kerry is capable of a level of sustained focus that is almost superhuman (beyond natural). She would sell body and soul to aid a cause she believes in, if Dad would let her. Dad would never let her, so she gives all of her mind instead. She can become so obsessively focused that she will forget to eat or sleep.

Kerry loves her family and respects Dad, but believes in expressing and defending her opinions, without reserve, at all times. She likes to say, “Look,” and “Do you see?” She speaks in statements, imperative sentences and demanding questions. She can come across as cold and blunt as a basement pipe, but her capacity for empathy and intense love is unrivaled and proven in her actions.

There is another character named Kerry, a guy. He's quite different from my sister, and he's a guy. We don't find it confusing, but if you want to holler at the author about it:

Jeffrey Bentler:
And tomorrow I will be introducing middle child Terrence and double-0-5--ME!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 1--For Cory's Sake Virtual Book Tour

Weston Bentler: Day 1, For Cory's Sake Virtual Book Tour, Author Interview at Leave a comment (AT THE ZENSANITY APPEARANCE) for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift certificate.

Jeffrey Bentler: Today on For Cory's Sake the blog, Dad (Dad) and Jerry (Child #1) will be introducing themselves.

William Bentler:
I am William Bentler, aka "Dad." I am the father of seven children. My children are my world, but I also got caught up in the family planet-saving business when I was just a child myself. I spent my career writing articles, essays and stories about the tragic injustices on the planet of Cory; trying to stir the hearts of the Borrynzian civilians to awareness and compassion. This work acquired some unexpected and quite hard consequences near its end . . . [Where For Cory's Sake begins]

Jerry Bentler:
I'm Jerry, William's oldest. I spent my high school years playing baseball (quite well) and fighting with my dad. The story is, I wanted to get the Bentler business empire back (the one started by my great-grandfather before the invasion); and I wanted to be normal. So I started a baseball equipment company, on a foundation of slave labor--which created quite a bit of distance between myself and my rebel father.

Jeffrey Bentler:
Tomorrow we will feature Weston (Child #2) and our sister Kerry . . .

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

For Cory's Sake is going on online book tour

Jeffrey Bentler: Is it official?

Weston Bentler:
It's official. The schedule came in today.

Jeffrey Bentler:
Did you get me my drum roll, Kerrys?

Kerry Bentler:
Sorry Jeff, I was busy.

Kerry: And I forgot Jeff, sorry.

Jeffrey Bentler:
I know what the two of you were busy remembering ;) Oh well. You were supposed to be able to click to a drum roll, but the only peeple who knew how to set that up were preeoccupied. So use your imagination . . .

*Drum roll* WE'RE GOING ON TOUR! For Cory's Sake (which is us) is going on an online book tour! All right detail people--details, please!

Jerry Bentler:
The book tour will run from the 6th of this month to the 31st, weekdays only. The author and For Cory's Sake will appear on a series of blogs, social networking sites and news sites. There will be interviews, guest blog posts, features and the all-important book REVIEWS . . .

Kenneth Bentler:
We will post links to each "appearance" as they post to the host blog or site.

Jeffrey Bentler:
Say about the intros

Kenneth Bentler:
Was about to. We realize that it can be hard to figure out who is who, because there are so many of us. We decided that to HELP, we will introduce ourselves or each other here on our blog, one or two people each day, in conjunction with the beginning of the tour.

Jeffrey Bentler:
We hope this will be interesting, and informational, and we hope you will be able to join us on our tour! I understand there will be opportunities to win prizes--more on this later!

"Say about" the donating part.

Jeffrey Bentler: