Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 3--For Cory's Sake Virtual Book Tour

Kenneth Bentler: Day 3: Beyond the Books interview at

Jeffrey Bentler: Today on For Cory's Sake the blog, I will be introducing middle child Terrence and oldest-of-the-youngest, number 5, ME.

I am introducing TERRENCE because he doesn't like to talk about himself. He doesn't really like to talk, period. His favorite sentences growing up were “Shut up” and “Don't be a baby.” As he shared a room with talkative and emotive me, he had lots of opportunity to say his favorite sentences, growing up. Akchally, maybe they were his favorite sentences because he shared a room with talkative and emotive me.

Terrence is a big dood. If you need to visualize how big, go internet-searching for a big American football tight end. Say 6'5” 250lbs. Preferably standing next to a 6' 180lbs. dood. That's how Terrence compares to our general population, you see?

Terrence likes cars, fishing, basketball and fighting. He likes all forms of competition, really, but he likes basketball and fighting a cut above the rest. As for the fishing, how a dood so impatient with hoomans can be so patient with fishies idonotknow.

Terrence never hands out respect for free. You have to earn it, but once you do he is fiercely loyal to whoever or whatever he believes in.

Terrence is very tough. He runs away from drama or displays of emotion (you should see him disappear, it's like magic!) but he has never run from a physical challenge or threat and I don't know that he even fears them.

Terrence is the author's favorite character.

Terrence Bentler: ?

Jeffrey Bentler:
Now for me! I'm William Bentler's 5th child. I am talkative, emotional and impulsive. The caring parts of my brain often override the thinking parts. Naturally, I've always wanted to be a lightning rod, which is a lifestyle of open caring. Neverever considered being anything else at all ever. Don't think I'd even be able to be anything else, as I'm not good at hiding how I feels about anything.

Bentlers are supposed to be tall peoples. I was unusually short for most of my childhood, but quite athletic in a slippery fast nimble kind of way. Terrence would call me Fluffrey, you know like a cat, sillily thinking this was some kind of insult. Have you seen a cat? Have you? They can like jump to the top of a narrow fence and then run along it, fast!!1!

I was probably the best shortstop in the district, but this has never been official because I never played for the school. I kind of outcasted myself becoming a rebel kind of young. Being a big man on campus requires some level of conformity analldat. And bigness, which like I said I mostly wasn't.

Tomorrow Kenneth (my rock) and Robert, "the baby," will introduce themselves.

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