Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 2--For Cory's Sake Virtual Book Tour

Jerry Bentler: Day 2, For Cory's Sake online book tour: American Chronicle interview, http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/108904

Jeffrey Bentler: And today Weston will be introducing himself (Child #2) and our sister Kerry here on For Cory's Sake the blog.

Weston Bentler: I am Weston Bentler, William's second oldest. I followed my father into the lightning rod profession as soon as I became an adult. Dad and I are very close—best friends, actually—and for many years you had only to find one of us to also find the other.

Weston Bentler:
I have volunteered to also introduce my sister KERRY. She did write a blurb about herself, but left out everything interesting. Kerry has a very strong mind. She mastered physics and chemistry by the age of 20 (the physics and chemistry that is written in math, not the kind I did in high school that involved dropping eggs off of buildings). She mastered the hard sciences not, she says, because she's a genius, but because it had to be done and so she did it.

Kerry is capable of a level of sustained focus that is almost superhuman (beyond natural). She would sell body and soul to aid a cause she believes in, if Dad would let her. Dad would never let her, so she gives all of her mind instead. She can become so obsessively focused that she will forget to eat or sleep.

Kerry loves her family and respects Dad, but believes in expressing and defending her opinions, without reserve, at all times. She likes to say, “Look,” and “Do you see?” She speaks in statements, imperative sentences and demanding questions. She can come across as cold and blunt as a basement pipe, but her capacity for empathy and intense love is unrivaled and proven in her actions.

There is another character named Kerry, a guy. He's quite different from my sister, and he's a guy. We don't find it confusing, but if you want to holler at the author about it: forcoryssake@gmail.com

Jeffrey Bentler:
And tomorrow I will be introducing middle child Terrence and double-0-5--ME!

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