Monday, June 22, 2009

Jeffrey Bentler: so did you send your father father's day cards, Kerry?

Terrence Bentler:
shut up Jeff

Jeffrey Bentler:

That's all right. I did send my father Father's Day cards, because I was afraid he'd think it disrespectful if I didn't. How's that for a moving reason?

Jeffrey Bentler:
what'd you say, on the cards?

Terrence Bentler:
shut up Jeff

Happy Father's Day. Love, Kerry.

Jeffrey Bentler:
do you really love him?

Terrence Bentler:
do you want me to bop him, next time I see him, Kerry?

No. I don't know. I don't know and no, actually . .

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Jeffrey Bentler: Happy Father's Day, Dad! I heard Terrence got you something really cool!

Kenneth Bentler: Happy Father's Day, Dad.

William Bentler: Thanks, guys. And thank you for the card; the blaring trumpet was very funny (Jeff?). And the tomato planter--I forgot I didn't have one anymore.

Jeffrey Bentler: Remember the tomato wars? I always won, because of my deadly accuracy. Then Terrence would chase me around until Dad rescued me. Tomato planter reminded me of the kiddy days and that's why I got another one. Otherwise would seem like a really cheap present lol. But tell about Terrence's!

William Bentler: The tomato planter was very meaningful, Jeff--brought back memories for me too. Well, Terrence carved a little figurine called "Imagine Roci." It's me slumped down in my study chair and thinking. The detail is amazing--how he learned how to do this so well so fast is beyond me.

Robert Bentler: Dad cried :)

William Bentler: Just really grateful for you kids . . .

Jeffrey Bentler: We love you muches, Dad. *hug* have a great day!

William Bentler: Love you too, every one so much.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Using Twitter Favorites Page as a news and information file

I've never enjoyed using the Bookmarks option on search engines. They've always just felt clunky, to me. But I do like to save interesting articles and important information, as I come across them on the web. And today, I stumbled upon a better way to save my favorite pieces of news and information.

Today has been a fascinating day. It all started when @daltukhov started following me on Twitter. I followed him back, because I try to follow my followers back unless they don't look like real people, or seem really spammy. (If your user name is fiwndke13 and your "real name" is ctwoi34wf; or if your auto-posts are threatening to take over my Twitter feed--I will not follow you back!)

@daltukhov is a follow I would highly recommend. I found in his Twitter stream, almost immediately, a news item entitled "Twitter stream breaks Iran news dam." I read it, turned into a goose bump, and clicked the little star to the right of @daltukhov's tweet. My first Favorite had been filed.

The news article led me to @patrickmeier, who led me to a blog post entitled "How to Communicate Securely in Repressive Environments." Now, a main plot element of For Cory's Sake is about people trying to communicate in a repressive environment. Another star got clicked.

I was starting to sniff usefulness. I ran down @toniandrews' stream until I found the link to a review of Angel of Mercy that I had found "useful." Click! I was beginning to see a big picture.

I clicked a few more stars, actually one more each for @daltukhov, @patrickmeier and @toniandrews tweets. Then I looked at my Favorites page. It is aesthetically pleasing, with biggish font, links in blue and pretty yellow stars. A succinct description precedes each link. I had found my file box.

I can access my Favorites page superfast. @ClarkCovington turned me on to Google Chrome. (I know, I know--where have I been?) The anticipation of this search engine puts it one step below mindreader. I only need type the letter "t," and chivalrous Chromeo fills the entire Twitter address in for me. I hit *Enter*. I click on the Favorites link, to the right of my Home page feed, and I'm immediately looking at an aesthetically pleasing list of links and information, complete with compact but perfectly complete descriptions.

I really do Free Smileys Twitter this much Free Smileys . . .

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Law enforcement uses new forensics tools to uncover hidden evil, rescue real children.

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The tools used by the FDLE are EFFECTIVE but not FREE. "Help law enforcement agencies get the TOOLS they need to take predators off the streets and rescue American kids." INVEST in a better world for all children.

The Innocent Justice Foundation:

The Innocent Justice Foundation is on Facebook:

Friday, June 12, 2009

William Bentler: So Jeff, you've been cooking?

Jeffrey Bentler:
uhn, it's more like just helping Kenn with whatever thingy he's doing in the kitchen. like i said i said i wouldn't let him do everything by himself!

Weston Bentler:
Do you know I still don't know how to cook?

Terrence Bentler:
1000s of hours in the kitchen with Dad & you still don't know how to cook???

Weston Bentler:
*shrug* I suppose I was too busy talking . . .

Terrence Bentler:
i logged 12s of hours and i know how to cook.

Jeffrey Bentler:
well youse patient and observant and you DON'T talk, you know

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jeffrey Bentler: Chicken made noise like an airplane, as it was coming out of the pan.

Weston Bentler:
? Again, ?

Jeffrey Bentler:
as I wuz lifting the cooked chicken strip out of the frying pan, it wuz humming like the sound an airplane makes before it takes off except softer.

William Bentler:
I've noticed that sound before. Never thought of that description, though. That's pretty good, Jeff.

Terrence Bentler:
I noticed that sound too.

Robert Bentler:
u know if someone wants to get me an airplane for my birthday that would be all right

Kerry Bentler:
Free Smileys

Robert Bentler:

Free Smileys

Robert Bentler: whoa, if that was real!

Jeffrey Bentler:
anyone else think the Kerrys are a couple of show-offs lol lol lol.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The only thing necessary . . . Part 9

Weston Bentler: Ignoring harsh reality

will not make it go away;Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

William Bentler:
doing something about it

Terrence Bentler:
just might.

A sad reality on this planet:

See what is being done about it:

Join what is being done about it, on Facebook:

Follow what is being done about it, on Twitter:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The only thing necessary . . . Part 8

Kerry: The only thing

Kerry Bentler: necessary

William Bentler: for the triumph of evil

Jerry Bentler: is for good people to do

Terrence Bentler: nothing.

Robert Bentler: Attributed to Edmund Burke.

In my last post, I introduced a great evil I learned of in this world. The victims of this evil cannot save themselves. They should not be expected to, as they are children.

Learning of this problem created a great sense of urgency within myself, and I went searching for an organization that was doing something about it right now.

I found one. The links are below. (If you have not already, I strongly suggest first reading about the problem, which you can do via the link in the previous day's post)

Website of The Innocent Justice Foundation:

The Innocent Justice Foundation is on FACEBOOK:

The Innocent Justice Foundation is on Twitter: