Sunday, May 31, 2009

The only thing necessary . . . Part 1

Kerry: The only thing

Kerry Bentler:

William Bentler:
for the triumph of evil

Jerry Bentler:
is for good people to do

Terrence Bentler:

Robert Bentler:
Attributed to Edmund Burke.

Jeffrey Bentler:
this guy who lived a really long time ago

Kenneth Bentler:
and who may not have actually said the quote, ever

Jeffrey Bentler:
really good quote, though . . .

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kerry Bentler: i've been thinking my spectacular 7-year grouchiness can be partly attributed to not sleeping or eating enough for 7 years.

Jeffrey Bentler:
i akchally slept'n'ate better once i started my job. before i would just worry'n'worry about all the horrible things. but after i started my job i spent less time worrying about the problem. cuz i was focusing my worrying time on whut i wuz doing about it, and on doing it the best i kud. does that make sense?

Terrence Bentler:
would if you'd stop misspelling on purpose. how do you spell misspell.

Kerry Bentler:
like that. i had to look it up. the thing is, i thought if Cory was going to be saved, it would have to be saved by the scientists, of course. so every second spent unconscious or manipulating food felt like a delay in Cory's freedom of one more second.

Jeffrey Bentler:
who actually did save Cory?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jeffrey Bentler: Kenn got ejected from a baseball stadium

William Bentler:
Kenneth got ejected from a baseball stadium?!

Kenneth Bentler:
A bubblehead behind me was arguing with a bubblehead below me. 1st idjit threw a cup and it hit me in the head and splashed all over my date. So I shoved somebody and somebody shoved me and so forth and we all got kicked out. Apparently here you're not supposed to shove ppl even if they throw a cup at your head.

Terrence Bentler:
yeah. dumb no sense rules i noticed when i lived there. u did right thing.

Terrence Bentler:
unless Dad says otherwise. he's giving me look. shame on you Kenneth giving in to da rage.

Kenneth Bentler:
funny funny lol

Author's Note:
I based this story on a real event. Once upon a time, some bubbleheads and their cup of beer ruined a baseball game for me (a paying customer who was there to watch the game and not there to get drunk and pick look-at-me fights). The real story's still not funny to me (but at least I got a post out of it).

Friday, May 22, 2009

Jeffrey Bentler: girl Kenn likes likes Kenn. they're going out tonight. I have friends who I like but not as much as Kenn likes girl and girl likes Kenn but will be fun weekend anyways

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jeffrey Bentler: so when do we get new profile pictures?

Weston Bentler: soon as Carolyn learns how to draw

Jeffrey Bentler: never? all right

Jeffrey Bentler:
why am i an elf?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jeffrey Bentler: there's magnets in my headphones . . . whatz for?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Terrence Bentler: getting my weight back place has good gym

Jeffrey Bentler: how much did you weigh?

Terrence Bentler:
[converting] 250 pure muscle.

Jeffrey Bentler:
pure muscle??? you had no bones or guts?

Terrence Bentler:

Jeffrey Bentler: i's pure air

Terrence Bentler: then you'd be 0 lbs.

Kerry Bentler: air is not weightless !

Jeffrey Bentler: so how much would I weight if I was pure air?

Kerry Bentler: What composition? I'd have to determine the volume of your container, which would be difficult because you're kind of knobby . . .

Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

Jeffrey Bentler:
:b + *giggle*

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jeffrey Bentler: i think I have news I think I have news i think I have news!!!1!!

Kerry Bentler: you think you have news? Free smiley Face Courtesy of

Jeffrey Bentler: its not final its not decided but its really exciting if it is cmon decide already so i can BREAK IT!!!!!

how did YOU ever keep The Secret, Jeff lol

Jeffrey Bentler:
i can keep a secret i did keep a secret u know i did tho it Drove. Me. Crazy. I just goofed once in-a-way & it wasn't fatal cmoncmoncmoncmoncmon. riskreward, baby!

William Bentler:
That is exactly what is being weighed, Jeffrey. Respect the process. (Please)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jeffrey Bentler: i learnig lolspeak. me such happyness me found itz. iz most funnage of enytings me ever see everz! !!

Terrence Bentler: oh. no.

Jeffrey Bentlers: kreditz much iz kreditz much iz kudos too chek umz outz iz most iz best iz madeup langwich, everz!!!!!

Terrence Bentler: Kenn do something

Kenneth Bentler: Sorry Terr, Fluffrey duz wut Fluffrey duz

Jeffrey Bentlers: hay nowz, kitteez iz atletix dey iz graceyzful dey iz much fastestness! Fluffrey ruuuuuuuulz! lol