Sunday, June 7, 2009

The only thing necessary . . . Part 8

Kerry: The only thing

Kerry Bentler: necessary

William Bentler: for the triumph of evil

Jerry Bentler: is for good people to do

Terrence Bentler: nothing.

Robert Bentler: Attributed to Edmund Burke.

In my last post, I introduced a great evil I learned of in this world. The victims of this evil cannot save themselves. They should not be expected to, as they are children.

Learning of this problem created a great sense of urgency within myself, and I went searching for an organization that was doing something about it right now.

I found one. The links are below. (If you have not already, I strongly suggest first reading about the problem, which you can do via the link in the previous day's post)

Website of The Innocent Justice Foundation:

The Innocent Justice Foundation is on FACEBOOK:

The Innocent Justice Foundation is on Twitter:

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