Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Jeffrey Bentler: Happy Father's Day, Dad! I heard Terrence got you something really cool!

Kenneth Bentler: Happy Father's Day, Dad.

William Bentler: Thanks, guys. And thank you for the card; the blaring trumpet was very funny (Jeff?). And the tomato planter--I forgot I didn't have one anymore.

Jeffrey Bentler: Remember the tomato wars? I always won, because of my deadly accuracy. Then Terrence would chase me around until Dad rescued me. Tomato planter reminded me of the kiddy days and that's why I got another one. Otherwise would seem like a really cheap present lol. But tell about Terrence's!

William Bentler: The tomato planter was very meaningful, Jeff--brought back memories for me too. Well, Terrence carved a little figurine called "Imagine Roci." It's me slumped down in my study chair and thinking. The detail is amazing--how he learned how to do this so well so fast is beyond me.

Robert Bentler: Dad cried :)

William Bentler: Just really grateful for you kids . . .

Jeffrey Bentler: We love you muches, Dad. *hug* have a great day!

William Bentler: Love you too, every one so much.

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