Saturday, June 6, 2009

The only thing necessary . . . Part 7

Last year, I became aware of a gross evil in this world. This evil is expanding. Its victims cannot save themselves. They should not be expected to, as they are children.

The agents who are fighting this evil know how to go after it. They know where to find it. They know that justice and rescue can be realized.

They are asking for more resources. They would like to go after every known evil-doer that falls within the scope of their mandate. Currently, they cannot.

As the victims of these evil-doers are children, I feel that this "cannot" should be unacceptable to our society (us!).

The agents asked for more resources from Congress. They were promised more resources, eventually. Recognizing the "eventually" clause, and feeling a sense of urgency because of the unacceptable nature of the present reality, I went looking for an organization that was trying to meet this need right now.

I found one. I will introduce it in tomorrow's post. Today I am introducing the problem. Clicking the following link will take you to the text of Senate Bill 1738. The problem is introduced in the Findings section, Section 2, which starts near the bottom of page 2.

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