Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jeffrey Bentler: Chicken made noise like an airplane, as it was coming out of the pan.

Weston Bentler:
? Again, ?

Jeffrey Bentler:
as I wuz lifting the cooked chicken strip out of the frying pan, it wuz humming like the sound an airplane makes before it takes off except softer.

William Bentler:
I've noticed that sound before. Never thought of that description, though. That's pretty good, Jeff.

Terrence Bentler:
I noticed that sound too.

Robert Bentler:
u know if someone wants to get me an airplane for my birthday that would be all right

Kerry Bentler:
Free Smileys

Robert Bentler:

Free Smileys

Robert Bentler: whoa, if that was real!

Jeffrey Bentler:
anyone else think the Kerrys are a couple of show-offs lol lol lol.

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