Friday, November 13, 2009

NaNoWriMo'09, Words 7861-8232

You are like a hero, stated Roci.

I am a cat, said the cat.

When I said, "Stay away!" because they were setting traps for you; because you scratched the guard; you did not stay away.

Roci, said the cat, with some condescension—I have passed through more dangers in my life than even you can imagine. I am smarter than a trap; and so I do not fear them. I am not afraid of traps; and so I am not brave.

Roci thought about that thought, for a while.

Besides, continued the cat, I cannot free you. I cannot stop anything bad from happening to you. I am a cat, and I do cat things, because I want to. I like you; and I want you to be happy; and I do what a cat can to help you be as happy as you can.

I'm alright happy. Sometimes I am very not; but right now I am happy alright.

I think, said Roci, in a low confidential voice—I think there still are heroes out there. Niti says that's stupid. She says why would there be—no one cares about us. She says there's no reason why anyone out there should care about us.

I think there's reasons. I think if I was out there I would care about us. I think I would see the little boy and think—he looks so not happy. Then I think I would think—why is he so not happy? I know I would try to know, and when I knew I think I would try to do things about it. I think I would at least try to say—why does he have to be there? Why can anyone hit him who wants to? Why can anyone do anything they wants to to him? Why can't he do anything for him, or things get so worse?

I think I would think that, and say that, and do as much as I could. I think there must be people out there who can think, and say, and do like that too.

I know you are right, said the cat. I do know that you are most right.

* * *

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