Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Welcome, and thank you for coming to the party

Jeffrey Bentler: Welcome, and thank you for coming to the launch party of For Cory's Sake the e-book and its FREE companion, Roci and the skycat. As promised

Terrence Bentler:
u promised

Jeffrey Bentler: As I promised, randomly, off the top of my head, we have music


Weston Bentler: (The author imagines they're playing '80s hits, but you can imagine anything you want)

Jeffrey Bentler: and a poll. Kerry, explain the poll

Kerry: The author donates her royalties to organizations and programs that are important to her, that she thinks should have more resources to do what they do. Since books can be a slow way to make money

Robert Bentler: (but it's all she knows how to do)

Kerry: she will probably have to prioritize. The poll is for you to register your opinion, if you'd like. She'd like to know.

Jerry Bentler: (Royalties for copies purchased direct from Smashwords are 3.01 USD out of 3.95 USD. The author might keep the penny, for convenience and her expenses)

Jeffrey Bentler: Weston will now present the offerings, and then sister Kerry will present some technical info for those who, like the author, knew nothing about e-reading until like now

Weston Bentler: There are two "offerings." Roci and the skycat is a free mini e-book

Jeffrey Bentler: it's small but not fluffy--like a pet rock instead of like a bunny.

Weston Bentler: Roci and the skycat looks at "Roci" ages 6-10 and his reality, imaginings and character. For Cory's Sake tells the story of our struggle for Cory's freedom.

Jeffrey Bentler: it's real interesting!

Kerry Bentler: The e-books are readable on Kindle, Sony, Palm readers, iPod Stanza and other readers which support .mobi, .lrf, .pdb or .epub formats. If you don't have an e-reader (and neither does the author), the books are also readable in your word processor or web browser. I RECOMMEND

Jeffrey Bentler: listen up

Kerry Bentler: I recommend reading the books in HTML format in a web browser, if you don't have a designated reader. The formatting is preserved, you can select your own font, font size and line spacing, and you can jump around easily if, for instance, Jeffrey starts to ramble.

Jeffrey Bentler: lol. Again, thank you for coming and we hope you'll at least get Roci and the skycat for yourself (or another person who likes reading about imaginative kids and/or big blue-grey speaking cats . . .

Me: And a big thank-you to those who came because of my birthday tweeting . . .

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