Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Looking for reviewers of "Roci and the skycat." Will give you "Cory's" e-book free as well

I'm looking for reviewers for Roci and the skycat, the free e-book prequel to For Cory's Sake. I am offering a limited-time coupon for Cory's e-book, meaning the first reviewers of "skycat" will get both books free.

Reviewers will need a Smashwords account (free) but it is not necessary to own an e-reader to read their e-books, which can be read in a word processor or web browser. My recommendation is HTML reading in a web browser, with line spacing set higher than "single" and font, font size and colors however you want them. (I recommend this option because you can determine all these details for yourself)

I set the coupon code to be good through my birthday, 12.04.09. (skycat is short; I can read it in less than an hour) Leave a comment, or @ or DM me on Twitter by then, telling of your review or intent to review, and I'll get the code to you.

Please retweet: RT@ForCorysSake Looking for reviewers for free "skycat" e-story. Will give you Cory's e-book free as well #smashwords


  1. I found your book on Smashwords, today (I found your blog through your profile there), and thought I'd start reading it. I have some things to do right now, so I'm only up to 'THIS TIME IT WOULD LAST FOREVER'.

    I like it a lot so far. Anyway, hopefully I can drop you a note when I finish it.

  2. Thank you for looking at my book, and taking the time to respond. If you are comfortable with posting your thoughts to Smashwords, when you are finished, I will be happy to send you the code to get my "main" book free.

  3. Whoa. Sorry I didn't reply. I thought I would get notified by email if you responded, and I guess I didn't check back here (I thought I did, though).

    They do reviews on Smashwords? I guess it shouldn't surprise me.

    It's probably too late for me to get the code by now, but I can still review it at least. :)

  4. I reviewed it, and I already bought For Cory's Sake through Smashwords—so you don't need to give me the code if you were going to. :)

    By the way, can I have permission to put some of your cover art for the books up on the Goodreads profiles for them that don't have them? I know the in-print version of For Cory's Sake already has it, but the e-book version doesn't, and neither does Roci and the Skycat. I could add the pictures as long as I know which ones I'm allowed to add.


  5. Thanks for the review; I appreciated its thoroughness. Thanks also for purchasing For Cory's Sake. Finally, thanks for notifying me that Goodreads had my e-book editions up; I did not know this! (I uploaded the cover images myself, but thanks for the generous offer)

    I was poking around your blog after your first comment on mine, and am almost 100% certain you're LDS :). I was raised LDS in Hawaii--it's a small world.

  6. You’re quite welcome for both things.

    Yep, I’m LDS for sure. :) Thanks for noticing. I figured you might be, too, when I saw your Goodreads profile. You can add me as a friend on there, if you like. I’m the one who reviewed Roci and the Skycat first there.

    I’m liking For Cory’s Sake so far.

    Well, I better be off for now. Do well!