Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome to Bentler Universe

I've decided I don't like posting stories to a blog. I tried; I used to have a couple of (very short) stories posted here, but I didn't like them and I deleted them. The thing is, I've spent 6 years and counting thinking about the Bentler family characters (and Kerry). I know their histories, futures, their attitudes towards everything . . .

So when I tried to write blog-format stories about the Bentlers--the stories just felt too short, hurried, disconnected and generally dissatisfying, to me. I didn't like writing about my characters in such-a-way.

But, before you start fearing that my new plan is to post stories containing 10-sentence paragraphs and 3-line-long sentences--I know this is not the "medium" for that, and I intend to embrace the constraints and go in the exact opposite direction from long and complex. I'm going to see if it's not possible to gain insights into the Bentlers' (and K's) personalities, follow their lives and be generally entertained by following them on a Facebook-style wall, or, if you prefer, by listening to them "tweet" at each other.

A picture is (sometimes) worth a thousand words--so I will stop explaining now, and just show you the idea I'm going to try to flesh out over the coming days (and if effective, months and years????). So welcome to Bentler Universe, experimental writing in a new medium . . .

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