Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kerry Bentler: i've been thinking my spectacular 7-year grouchiness can be partly attributed to not sleeping or eating enough for 7 years.

Jeffrey Bentler:
i akchally slept'n'ate better once i started my job. before i would just worry'n'worry about all the horrible things. but after i started my job i spent less time worrying about the problem. cuz i was focusing my worrying time on whut i wuz doing about it, and on doing it the best i kud. does that make sense?

Terrence Bentler:
would if you'd stop misspelling on purpose. how do you spell misspell.

Kerry Bentler:
like that. i had to look it up. the thing is, i thought if Cory was going to be saved, it would have to be saved by the scientists, of course. so every second spent unconscious or manipulating food felt like a delay in Cory's freedom of one more second.

Jeffrey Bentler:
who actually did save Cory?

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