Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jeffrey Bentler: Kenn got ejected from a baseball stadium

William Bentler:
Kenneth got ejected from a baseball stadium?!

Kenneth Bentler:
A bubblehead behind me was arguing with a bubblehead below me. 1st idjit threw a cup and it hit me in the head and splashed all over my date. So I shoved somebody and somebody shoved me and so forth and we all got kicked out. Apparently here you're not supposed to shove ppl even if they throw a cup at your head.

Terrence Bentler:
yeah. dumb no sense rules i noticed when i lived there. u did right thing.

Terrence Bentler:
unless Dad says otherwise. he's giving me look. shame on you Kenneth giving in to da rage.

Kenneth Bentler:
funny funny lol

Author's Note:
I based this story on a real event. Once upon a time, some bubbleheads and their cup of beer ruined a baseball game for me (a paying customer who was there to watch the game and not there to get drunk and pick look-at-me fights). The real story's still not funny to me (but at least I got a post out of it).

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