Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quarter 4 '09 royalty payment donated to Childhelp--"Why"

Got a little royalty check for the 4th quarter of '09. (Yeah, I know, it's March--the pay-the-author machine runs slow . . . )

I donated the royalties to Childhelp, and would like to take this opportunity to tell "why"--by spotlighting one of Childhelp's important services.

I keep a copy of Childhelp's "gift catalog" close at hand, as it is my favorite summary of Childhelp's services. The catalog tells me that "$25 will sponsor five life-saving calls" to the National Child Abuse Hotline. The hotline takes calls from kids and parents and concerned adults. It gives kids a chance to be heard by a trained, sympathetic ear; and gives help and guidance to kids in crisis and the adults who care about them.

It is my opinion that the hotline is a very important service, but I'm not sure how much my opinion is worth. Childhelp's website, however, features real-people stories which give a much better idea of the worth of Childhelp's services. I'd like to send you on to "Lisa B. in her own words." It is a story of literally life-saving help which was provided by the hotline. It is a very "strong" story--disturbing but important. A thought before you move on to it: in response to a movie critic who called the movie Precious "melodrama," someone tweeted (something to the effect of)--"what some people call 'melodrama', others of us knew as real life."

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