Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How William was introduced to his wife . . .

Kenneth Bentler: A girl called Jeff "surprisingly graceful."

Jeffrey Bentler:
I was dancing. Gracefully. She was surprised

Jeffrey Bentler:
She might have bias against ppl shaped like spaghetti sculpture. Nobody thought I wouldn't be graceful when I was shorter and more proportional

William Bentler:
Has Gordan told you how he first introduced us--Gordan and me--to your mom? The very first words? "This is Spaghetti, and I'm Meatball." It all began ... with a pasta reference

Jeffrey Bentler:
That is so romantic! 'course I'm not surprised. Is no one more romantical than Gordan

Jeffrey Bentler:
romantical or romancical?

Robert Bentler:
i'm hungry

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