Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I'm thinking this morning has reported that "there may [now] be as many as 17 accusers coming forward against one-time Penn State University defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky." This is the monster who could have been stopped in 2002, when an eyewitness actually saw a sexual assault against a boy estimated to be about 10 years old, and four other people in authority at Penn State were told of what he witnessed, and none of them called the police.

I woke up this morning with a certain image in my head. I may have dreamed it, actually. It was of a courtroom, and the rows were packed with young men who had been victimized by Sandusky, (unknown how many after 2002, when five grown men could have stopped him and didn't). There were two or three rows of victims.

May there should be two or three, or more, rows of victims and their families in the courtroom at some point, maybe at the verdict reading. Then maybe the people who could have stopped Sandusky in 2002, and did nothing, could see the holocaust they enabled.

And yes, I did just use that word, and I intend to stand by it.

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