Thursday, May 13, 2010

Follow-up: So HOW can we cut health care costs by reducing violence?

In a previous post, I wrote that both academic studies and front-line health care workers show that: "our national health care costs would be significantly reduced if we could become better at preventing/reducing violence in our society." The next obvious question seems to me to be: "so how do we prevent/reduce violence in our society?"

I would like to quickly show you on to a very enlightening post on the Larry King Live blog. It was written by Anne Lee, President & CEO of Darkness to Light, an organization which educates adults on how to prevent, recognize and respond to sexual violence against children. Her blog post succinctly tells the why and how of preventing and reducing violence.

Key points:
  • "As a nation of taxpayers we spend over $35B annually for the long term cost of child sexual abuse."
  • "Unlike other issues and diseases where we need to raise hundreds of millions and billions of of dollars to go into a laboratory and one day find a cure--the cure, the end of sexual abuse is right in front of us."
Read about the cure. We can prevent needless human suffering.

(And cut our national health care costs as well)

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  1. Carolyn, your concern over stopping sexual violence against children is something that everyone should be involved in. I believe part of the end-of-abuse-against-children begins with educating people about what abuse really is. Not only is abuse physical, but mentally and verbally, and we see this happening in early forms. People making suggestive remarks in humor when in fact it can be hurtful and harmful for years to come. So long as we keep addressing the issue and talking about it is a very good step to preventing this monstrous activity from continuing against children.

    David Lucero