Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bentler Byt: Jeffrey has a new drum set

Kenneth Bentler: Jeff got another drum set

Terrence Bentler:
I'm sorry Kenn

Jeffrey Bentler:
Hey now, I'm a lot more considerate now than I was back then + Kenn isn't as bossy as some people

Terrence Bentler:
How is "hit that one more time and I'll hit you" bossy?

Jeffrey Bentler:
lol I heard it as a straight dare.

William Bentler:
Sorry Terrence, I really didn't know how much he was bothering you until you um broke the set. I would've done something sooner.

Jeffrey Bentler:
Terrence allus talked with his hands (in a manner of speaking). For the record, I'm sorry that I bothered you on purpose.

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