Monday, September 7, 2009

Jeffrey Bentler: I like the word catalyst

Jeffrey Bentler:
Something that makes things happen. Important things--things that would have never happened, otherwise . . .

Kerry Bentler:
That's technically not true. A catalyst doesn't "make something happen that would've never happened otherwise." It simply makes the reaction occur "more easily," "sooner"--"faster," if you will; it doesn't ""

Weston Bentler:
Actually Ker, I believe Jeff's usage of the word is perfectly valid when discussing literature or its inspiration, Life.

Kerry Bentler:
You KNOW I wouldn't know anything about that.

Jeffrey Bentler:
And YOU should've known I wasn't talking about chemistry :). When did I ever? :)

Your dad made something happen that would've never happened otherwise . . .

Jeffrey Bentler: There you go. ONE smart Kerry knows how to think romantically . . .

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