Thursday, August 20, 2009

William Bentler: I'm sorry you lost friends, Jeff.

Jeffrey Bentler:
It's okay Dad, I didn't mind too much. I got it, even then. They weren't ready to look at who I was and what I cared about, so they looked away. But then I could see eye-to-eye even better with my most cared-about friends, so I didn't miss the burned-out connections too much.

Weston Bentler:
It was a little depressing, though, thinking that the only people really looking at you were those who already thought like you; and everyone else just saw a freak.

William Bentler:
Didn't know you felt like "a freak," West?

Weston Bentler:
I didn't. I had a healthy balance between knowing what some saw, and esteeming me within my own value system anyway.

Terrence Bentler:
Don't use the F-word.

Robert Bentler: Yeah, Dad gets all worried

Jeffrey Bentler:
Sorry! Don't worry, Dad--we felt like perfectly normal people living strange lives for a good reason. Sometimes that's just the way it happens and oh well :).

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